Office 365 Backup

There is a misconception that Microsoft, as part of your licence agreement, backup your Office 365 data. This is not the case and it's your responsibility. Luckily Asigra has the solution that will safeguard your business critical data.

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Protecting Your Office 365 Data

Cloud backup for your cloud applications data

Have you taken a proper look at your Microsoft Service Level Agreeement (SLA) recently. Well you may be surprised to know that Office 365 data as well as other cloud services such as Google Apps and do not provide you with a backup service for your data. Meaning, there is no guaranteed way of recovering your data if it is deleted, or corrupted, or even worse encrypted by Ransomware.

By default, deleted Office 365 data is non-recoverable after a maximum of 30 days.

Office 365 data resides in the Microsoft Cloud outside of your organisaton's control, however, it is your responsibility to protect it. Luckily, Asigra has a solution that enables you to back up your Office 365 data by extending the same backup and recovery capability to cloud applications and services. Utilising Office 365 API's, Asigra can help you securely protect O365 data and create point-in-time backup copies of your email, Onedrive and Sharepoint Online, The interface also helps you quickly recover your data—accidently deleted emails and files, corrupted calendars, or even entire mailboxes—either back into Microsoft Office 365 or to another location.

Backup copies are deduped, compressed, encrypted, and then stored to the secure private, public, or hybrid cloud of your choice. You can configure your own frequency and granularity to enable your business to meet your RTO and RPO objectives, as well as regulatory compliance requirements.


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