Agentless Cloud Backup For Business

Proxima in partnership with Data2Vault offer unrivalled Cloud Backup and Recovery services for any size of business. 

Your data is your most valuable and important asset. If something happens to your data, you need to be able to restore it quickly, so your business doesn’t suffer. Whether it’s simply a technology failure, or something more sinister, a cloud backup solution that minimizes costs, addresses modern attack vectors and meets any compliance needs is vital. From gigabytes to terabytes to petabytes we have customers of all sizes and in all sectors. 



Leglislation, including PECR and GDPR, put legal obligations on you to safeguard your data.

1. Your data is protected with military-grade encryption.

2. Data is always encrypted during transfer and storage.

3. Only authorised users can access your data.

4. GDPR "right to erasure" compliant backup solution. 


Tape and hard drive backups store onsite are vulnerable. Copying your data offsite is critical.

1. Data is backed up offsite in near real-time.

2. Your data is compressed to reduce network trafiic.

3. Recover what you need - file, email or entire server.

4. Backup any amount of data from 250GB to petabytes.


We backup all your data data regardless of where it is. We backup every endpoint. 

1. Cloud data from Office 365, G Suite and

2. Physical and vfirtual servers, databases, email and applications.

3. Laptops and PCs, even when remotely connected.

4. Tablets and phones.


Restoring yesterday's backup means losing a lot of data that will take time and cost money to reproduce. 

1. Continuous data protection to minimise loss.

2. You can instantly recover from any point in time.

3. Local backup caches make your recovery times fast.

4. We de-dupe your data to save time, reduce storage needs and save you money.

If you have already invested in a backup solution. No problem! 

We understand that many businesses will have invested significantly in hardware and software backup solutions. That backup solution was the right choice at that time, but the threat vectors have changed. The way you need to protect your backup has changed.

That is why we use unique agentless backup technology by Asigra. With no agent, it simply wraps around your current solution, providing a safety blanket you won’t want to live without.


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