Cloud backup and Ransomware protection for your business


Ransomware is the biggest threat to your business!

In the good old days before the Internet, backup and data recovery was simple. Your data was backed up to tape and stored offsite in case you needed it for disaster recovery. A rare event!

Today businesses are under constant attack by threat actors attempting to breach your data and applications. Ransomware in particular is becoming more and more prevalent and is evolving making protection essential. The problem is that it is so easy to contaminate your data. Email is the usual suspect. It only takes one untrained member of staff to click on a link in an email and boom ransomware starts infecting your corporate data.

As threats to your data become more complex, many backup providers are struggling to keep up.

Our solution from Data2Vault is powered by Asigra a unique agentless technology. 

Asigra recognised the ever increasing sophistication and complexity of threats and built into their solution ransomware protection.  Asigra scans your data at both backup and recovery for known and unknown malicious embedded code including "zero-day" attacks. This scanning prevents ransomware infected backup data being restored into the network creating an Attack-Loop.

Is your backup solution protecting your business?

Would You Survive a Ransomware Attack? 

60% of small companies go out of business within six months of falling victim to a data breach or cyber attack.

Ransomware is not a new phenomenon. However, technological advancements by clever cybercriminals have totally changed the game. Attacks used to be random… criminals would send millions of malware infections (either via phishing emails or malicious links) to see which end user would open the file to encrypt an organisation’s data. Trends show that while these types of attacks are still occurring, targetted attacks are becoming much more prevalent because organisations are more likely to pay the “ransom” to have their business critical data released.

There are three prevalent types of ransomware attacks today: 

Data Encryption

These type of attacks (e.g. Locky,
Petya and WannaCry) are large in
scope and choose victims at random
to see which end user will click on a
malicious link to encrypt files.

THE SOLUTION: Perform backups regularly so you can always revert to a previous version of your data that isn't encryped and test your recoveries.

Deletion of Backup Repositories

These types of attacks (e.g. Samas) are typically deployed by Remote Desktop Protocols where cybercriminals steal domain credentials, look for unsecured servers, wipe all the files from the backup repository, and then proceed with file encryption.

THE SOLUTION: Keep recent offline version of you backups. Implement a backup solution that has Multi-factor Authentication and allows you to change the names of the backup repositories. Asigra does both.

Embedding Zero-Day Malware into Your Backup Repository

Regardless of whether you have the best backup solution, antivirus protection, or versions of your backup repositories, this next generation of ransomware is so advanced that your data is still at risk. These types of attacks embed time-delayed and undetected malware into your backup repositories sometimes months in advance. This makes file restoration pointless because as you recover your data the ransomware reignites and re-encrypts the data all over again. This is known as the Attack Loop.

THE SOLUTION: Asigra - your only solution against unknown threats, malware, and zero-day vulnerabilities in your backup and recovery stream.

Why Choose Us


Agentless Technology

Our backup and recovery technology is the only agentless solution in the marketplace.


Secure throughout

NIST FIPS 140-2 Certified and AES 256 encryption ensures your data is secured and protected whether at rest or in-flight.


Ransomware Protection

We scan for ransomware during backup and recovery ensuring the integrity of your data at all times.


Easy to use

User friendly UI with wizard-driven functionality to automate and standardise backup and recovery processes.


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